Time to put up the Christmas tree – the day after Thanksgiving

Our Christmas tree – 2013

Its been a great holiday season. We got our tree up on the day after Thanksgiving day, 2013. We were timely in that we didn’t wait for a week to get it up, or wait until we were into December to get it up. of course, it helped that we were pestered by Zubin to get the tree up because…..”Gavin’s tree was already up, and their decorations were up already.”

Reason for that was because Gavin’s tree was up because Uncle Robert and Aunty Beth were going to be out of town for Thanksgiving and wanted to get their holiday decorations up before they left for the Wisconsin Dells with their family. But it worked for us. The tree was up in a day, all fluffed up and ready for ornaments, which Zubin and Zinnia promptly began putting up the next day.

This time around, we didn’t have any difficulty with getting the tree lit. The little gizmo that i have that sends a pulse through the wire to get the bulbs going worked like a charm, and every link lit up. But we had quite a few blown bulbs to replace. A trip to Home Depot, and we had the replacement bulbs. Zubin and Zinnia helped locate the blown bulbs and we were all good as new after replacing them.


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